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The Syncopated Times:

''Lucy Lambert's vocals fit remarkably well with what she's going for in this expressive traditional jazz album. Audiences, especially in a live setting, will be moved... I thoroughly enjoyed this creative album and I encourage everyone to listen.''


Canadian Beats:

“This ensemble of instruments creates a delightful mix of textures and colors, resulting in a truly eclectic and enchanting composition. The arrangement not only showcases the distinct characteristics of each instrument but also amplifies their collective strength when united in harmony.

The lyrics create a vivid atmosphere, and the poetic narrative behind the lyrics leaves an imprint on the listener’s mind.

Overall, the album showcases the creative possibilities within jazz and shows that pushing boundaries outside of the norm is the way to success.” 

Sorties Jazz Nights!:

''Lucy Lambert sings very well... Trust in Lucy Lambert's Violet Drift, it will illuminate your night.''- Sorties Jazz Nights!

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