crow draw.jpg

Layered screen print on rice paper 2019

Available for order as screen prints on rice paper, stickers

pen and ink 2 (3).jpg

Ink on Paper 2018

Available as screen print on paper

Queen Of Pentacles, Goddess of Material Reality and Herbal Alchemy

Ink on Paper 2019

Available as screen print on cotton tapestry


Premonition of a city in Scotland
First experience unknowingly drawing a future location-
Ink on paper, 2018
Available as print on paper


Commission merch for Miss Magpie Band

sin fronteras crone.PNG

Drawing for Holy Locust Tour fundraiser

For border relief non-profits at US Mexico Border

Screenprint on canvass, 2019

screen print 1.PNG

Screen print on Paper 2019
Available as screen print

Mandrake Woman

Drawing for a Tarot Card 2018