Misogyny comes from the ancient Greek Misogynia which translates to hatred of girls and women. It is practiced both consciously and subconsciously by most of western society.

Our society is obsessed with disrespecting and nitpicking the female body and female behavior. This is an embodiment of the patriarchyˈs desire to subjugate and oppress women so that the identity of man may tower in contrast.

This is a 3 phase series of performance art videos exploring the female body’s battle with questions of  grief, trauma, behavioral and bodily conformity,  and patriarchy – from questions accessed through the bleeding shadow cycle, to our relationship and disrespect of the flesh and blood of the mother.

 A breath is a natural cycle of growth and death which is mirrored in many things in nature, the womb body’s menstruation and ovulation one reflection of the earth and moon’s inhalation/exhalation.

Every human being is here because of the waters of creation which flow in the womb.

Cultural taboos  surrounding menstruation and non-conformative bodies reflect a fear of the power held within the essence of the womb body, but these values transcend interpersonal misogyny and have devastating global impacts- it is the same natural essence in a human body that is disrespected as in a river or lake we pollute or a forest we cut down.

trigger warning: strobe light

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