Lucy Lambert is an interdisciplinary visual artist and musician living in Montreal. 


In addition to her training in contemporary art, she pursued classical art training at Atelier des Bresoles for 6 months to study Renaissance painting techniques. A firm believer in the necessity of the revival of technical discipline in the fields of painting and drawing, her current work is interested in combining the painting techniques of Old Masters with the thematic inspiration from her own life: love, travel, spiritual ascension, smashing the patriarchy, communication with the animal world and spirit realms are themes in her art and life.

With a wealth of personal experiences with the unseen world to drawn upon, and a fascination with occult history which offers an alternative to modern society, she is passionate about living and creating art in ways which challenge cultural taboos surrounding sexuality, magic, paganism,  the body, and our purpose and responsibility as humans.

She has exhibited in shows in Montreal since 2018, as part of the exhibitions of various art collectives, and  exhibitions held at Concordia University.


As a prolific street artist, she has travelled to and sold her work in the streets of Canada, Berlin, France, Scotland, Ireland and the USA.

Though passionate about her vocation as a visual artist, she is aware that the most important art is the way one lives their own life.

She is currently completing her Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting & drawing at Concordia University in Montreal.

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