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The Syncopated Times:

''Lucy Lambert's vocals fit remarkably well with what she's going for in this expressive traditional jazz album. Audiences, especially in a live setting, will be moved. I thoroughly enjoyed this expressive and creative album and I encourage everyone to listen.''


- Syncopated Times

Sorties Jazz Nights! Magazine: 

''Lucy Lambert chante et tres bien... Fait confiance sur Lucy Lambert's Violet Drift. Il illuminera votre soiree.'' -Sorties Jazz Nights!

''Lucy Lambert sings very well... Have confidence in Lucy Lambert's Violet Drift. It will illuminate your night.''- Sorties Jazz Nights!


“If there was such a thing as a jazzologist, then Lucy Lambert would be one. The musician practically lives and breathes jazz as the lead singer, accordionist, and bandleader for her acoustic jazz act Lucy Lambert’s Violet Drift. The Montreal-based band just released their self-titled debut album back in October, which features a bunch of modern interpretations of early jazz music. Many of these interpretations are real favourites of the band, including compositions originally by Duke Ellington and Jellyroll Morton. Several of them are lesser known, with Lambert and her associates paying tribute to compositions that made them want to be in a band in the first place.

Included in Lucy Lambert’s Violet Drift, aside from Lambert herself, is Joseph Abbott on clarinet, Louis Levesque on tenor banjo, Juliette Magrange on cello, and bassist Tyler Parent. Lambert rounds things out with her raw and soulful take on jazz. Originally from Vancouver, Lambert moved to Montreal after travelling for many years, where she found the music scene that she needed to be in. Along the way, she spent time living and playing in New Orleans and parts of Europe and East Asia. Outside of music, Lambert is also a graduate in Painting & Drawing from Concordia University and has a lot of experience working in oil paints, which she connects back to her songwriting.” -V13 Magazine

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