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Lucy began modeling at 17 years old for drawing and painting courses in Vancouver. Her passion for dance, movement and figurative art lead her to pursue the performance of a fine arts model. She quickly began modeling full time for animation and painting schools in Vancouver in her late teens. She modeled regularly at Basic Inquiry, Capilano university’s animation school, Syn Studio, Mandi Boursicot’s classical atelier, film schools, and for the works of many private painting courses. This allowed her to pursue her passion for expressing herself through movement and performance, while keeping her close to her passion for figurative art and a fascination with the human form. Her presence in many private arts workshops as an artist’s model also aided in her education as a figurative artist.

As her career as a musical performer has developed, her interest in fashion & photography modeling, and runway performances has grown over the past several years. She has been featured in notable runway shows in Vancouver and New York, modeling in New York Fashion week, and been featured as a model on several billboards in Times Square.

As both a professional artist and a performer, her passion for being both in front and behind the camera (or easel) inform one another in her works as a video producer and a model/musician.

She now works as a photography model for fine arts, fashion, boudoir, and commercial clients in New York and abroad.

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