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Lucy Lambert's Violet Drift
Album out now!

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Lucy Lambert is a virtuosic accordionist, jazz singer, and multi-instrumentalist living in Montreal. She is the founder, accordionist and lead singer of Lucy Lambert's Violet Drift, who have just released their first full length jazz album. 

She released her first album of original folk songs in 2017 and has since performed and recorded with different groups such as the prize winning all female swing band 10%Velcro and the Ragtime Rebetiko Group Clinker.

Throughout Lucy's career as a jazz singer, heads turn when she begins to sing. She catches people off guard and captivates their attention immediately with her unique tone, enigmatic stage presence, and seductive and captivating aura. As a jazz accordionist she adds more unique emotional layers to the texture of the music she is creating and interpreting, and with jazz cello in our project we create a layered and suspended ambience, complementing Lucy's unique singing style. The focus on the uniquely improvised three part- harmonies of cello, clarinet and accordion give the album a romantic and dreamy feeling.

Lucy is a self taught musician who focusses on jazz accordion, singing, and violin, though genre bends to include swing, manouche, eastern european, and folk music. She came to jazz accordion through several years of playing in the street with different jazz bands as a travelling street performer, busking her way through Europe, East Asia and the United States. 

That was before arriving in New Orleans where she was influenced by the music of Louisiana and early America, as well as the travelling subcultures of jazz and folkpunk. Her passion for European jazz and swing music developed into a passion for the soulful music of New Orleans’ traditional jazz, which she felt resonated with her experiences of travelling, heartache, and mysticism. 

Lucy is also a visual artist with a degree in Painting & Drawing from Concordia University. Her experiences working in oil paints relates intellectually to her experience creating jazz arrangements, as she feels that her work as a painter speaks to the intuitive and spontaneous nature of creating an album with so much live improvisation. She is synesthetic, which means she has a neural cross over in which musical intervals and color relationships are very closely interwoven for her and can be experienced through her music. This analogous relationship between musical and artistic form influences her skills and passion for jazz improvisation.

Lucy Lambert est une accordéoniste virtuose, chanteuse de jazz et multi-instrumentiste vivant à Montréal. Elle est la fondatrice, accordéoniste et chanteuse principale de Violet Drift de Lucy Lambert, qui vient de sortir son premier album de jazz.

Elle a sorti son premier album de chansons folkloriques originales en 2017 et a depuis joué et enregistré avec différents groupes tels que le groupe de swing féminin primé 10%Velcro et le groupe Ragtime Rebetiko Clinker.

Elle est une musicienne autodidacte qui se concentre sur l’accordéon jazz, le chant et le violon, bien que le genre se plie pour inclure le swing, le manouche, l’Europe de l’Est et la musique folklorique. Elle est venue à l’accordéon jazz après plusieurs années à jouer dans la rue avec différents groupes de jazz en tant qu’artiste de rue itinérante, se frayant un chemin à travers l’Europe, l’Asie de l’Est et les États-Unis.

Lucy est également une artiste visuelle diplômée en peinture et dessin de l’Université Concordia. Ses expériences de travail dans la peinture à l’huile se rapportent intellectuellement à son expérience de création d’arrangements de jazz, car elle estime que son travail de peintre parle de la nature intuitive et spontanée de la création d’un album avec autant d’improvisation en direct. 

Elle est synesthésique, ce qui signifie qu’elle a un croisement neuronal dans lequel les intervalles musicaux et les relations de couleur sont très étroitement entrelacés pour elle et peuvent être vécus à travers sa musique. Cette relation analogue entre la forme musicale et artistique influence ses compétences et sa passion pour l’improvisation jazz.

We have already had our album featured on CBC radio’s selection of Canadian jazz artists in Stanley Pean’s “Quand le Jazz est La” Show. We have also had our new music featured on Musique de Montreal’s web radio of best recent albums. We were featured on Jazz.91 FM’s Swing Set this Saturday with Alex Pangman and will be on Jazz FM.91 again this Friday on the Little Gumbo Show. We have also been featured on CIBL jazz Actuel show and CFRO-FM Accordion Noir show.

Video from Recording session at Sud Ouest Studios
Deadman Blues by
Jellyroll Morton

Singin the Blues

Single from our new Album

'Lucy Lambert's Violet Drift'

Live Video Clip from Quai Des Brumes Montreal

Still Video Single-
Belleville by Django Reinhardt

Video from Recording Session at Sud Ouest
Black Beauty by Duke 

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Depanneur Cafe,
Winter 2022
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